'magnolia in bloom / stopped for a moment /  the melody in my head" by Maris Tomczak

29 July 2015

Special Feature


Special Feature from Maria Tomczak

From Maria…

My interest in haiku and related forms came as a natural result of my fascination with Japanese culture. To express the mind and thoughts in seventeen syllables or less was not easy at the beginning, but I have been lucky to meet a few wonderful people who helped me understand the essence of haiku. Haiga was the next step on my journey. And some kind of challenge. Several years ago for the first time I combined haiku with photos. I realised this gave them both a new life. And of course I wanted to create more.

After experiments with photos, I decided to combine haiku with my drawings and I feel that technique gives me even more possibilities of expression. The drawings show exactly what I want to show and they can add new meaning to haiku and expand them. All my artworks are made with a variety of computer graphics programs.

I hope you will enjoy this series.

Posted: 14 July 2015