'ice fishing— / the wind bites / first' by Lavana Kray

25 October 2014


DailyHaiga: Calling for Submissions

DailyHaiga is calling for submissions of up to 10 pieces to be considered for publication. Artists are welcome to submit new work every two months. Submissions are evaluated quickly so responses can be expected within two weeks.

Our aim is to showcase some of the best of English language haiga—an artistically meaningful digital or scanned image integrated with haiku or related poetic forms—so please send what you consider to be your best work. Selected pieces will be presented on DailyHaiga, every other day.

Please note that we only consider new haiga that have never appeared online. We define online as inclusive of personal blogs, web pages, Facebook or other sites.

Haiga must be unpublished artwork/images, although they can incorporate published haiku or other forms, which allow creation of new haiga with haiku/haibun/tanka or other forms that could not otherwise be published as a haiga. Please provide citations for poetry that has been previously published.

We look forward to receiving your submissions.

Best Wishes,
Linda Pilarski, Editor
Patrick Pilarski, Poetry Editor
Nicole Pakan, Art Editor

Posted: 3 October 2014