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  • 'low tide / the lighthouse's shadow / covered by a wave' by Zuzanna Truchlewska. Art by Jakub Niedzela
    25 April 2017

    low tide—
    the lighthouse’s shadow
    covered by a wave

    czas odpływu
    cień latarni morskiej
    wypełnia fala

  • 'snowy day / under the weather' by Elizabeth Crocket
    23 April 2017

    snowy day
    the weather

  • "winter sun / the surprising whiteness / of a single birch' by Judith Gorgone
    21 April 2017

    winter sun
    the surprising whiteness
    of a single birch

  • 'return journey / following my footsteps home' by Marianne Paul
    19 April 2017

    return journey
    following my foosteps home

  • 'stepping softly along / the rver bed / ancient spirits / turnn my feet / into paws' by Leslie Bamford
    17 April 2017

    stepping softly along
    the river bed
    ancient spirits
    turn my feet
    into paws

  • 'just a wave / breaks the silence— / end of season' by Daniela Capota
    15 April 2017

    just a wave
    breaks the silence–
    end of season

  • "parchment / the poetry / of old leaves' by Anna Maris. Art by Chris Maris.
    13 April 2017

    the poetry
    of old oaks

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