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"quenching my thirst— / a sinner's face reflected / in the spring' by Sakuo Nakamura.  Haiku by Masajo Suzuki, Translation by Lee Gurga and Emiko Miyashita.

Lee Gurga and Emiko Miyashita (Translation)

27 July 2009

Invited Artist


Poem Text or Excerpt:

quenching my thirst—
a sinner’s face reflected
in the spring




Lee Gurga and Emiko Miyashita

Publication Notes:

Haiku written by Masajo Suzuki (1906-2003)

Editorial Notes:

Invited Artist


quenching, thirst, sinner, face, reflected, spring, woman, age, reflections, human, activity, summer, thoughts, brush painting, digital art, color, blue, haiku, Masajo Suzuki