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 'Birch Lake/ The last time here, families sharing picnic baskets and teens on beach towels crowded the lake front.... / what was her name..." by Ray Rasmussen.

18 November 2009

Invited Artist


Poem Text or Excerpt:

The last time here, families sharing picnic blankets and teens on beach towels crowded the lake front. I spent most of my time pretending to read, but really sneaking glances at a particular bikinied girl. I lay on my stomach to hide my lust.

This evening, the grasses are yellow, bent and worn from a summer’s use; the birch trees are barren of leaves; a windfall is spread beneath the apple tree.

on the reed tip
an iridescent dragonfly

A bull frog’s “wronk, wronk, wronk” breaks my reverie. I walk to the nearby lodge and sit alone. Several couples dine in silence, staring past one another.

mountain sunset
painted turtles slumber
on a weathered log

Looking out the window, I see her again, taste that first kiss, touch her apple-hard breast.

What was her name…



Editorial Notes:

Invited Artist


birch, lake, families, beach, summer, memories, lust, teens, aging, autumn, lodge, sunset, mountain, reeds, dragonfly, slumber, weathered, log, kiss, breast, touch, apple-hard, name, thoughts, past, present, bullfrog, sound, colors, human, longing, connections, time, water, nature, feeling