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  • 'lake sunrise / a duckling sets off / downstream' by Mallika Chair. Art by Ramesh Anand
    15 November 2022

    lake sunrise
    a duckling sets off

  • 'sunrise / makes the day/ here and there too...' by Mallika Chari
    19 January 2022

    makes the day
    here and there too…

  • 'landscaping / growing on the wall / pebble flowers' by Mallika Chari
    12 August 2021

    growing onto the wall
    pebble flowers

  • 'family meet / ants circle / the coffee mugs' by Mallika Chari
    10 March 2021

    family meet
    ants circle
    the coffee mugs

  • 'vast sky / above eveyone's head / a crescent moon' by Mallika Chari
    5 January 2021

    vast sky
    above everyone’s head
    a crescent moon

  • 'wind / in rustling peepal leaves/ the familiiar note' by Mallika Chari
    21 September 2020

    in rustling peepal leaves
    a familiar note

  • 'day break / out for work / crane's family' by Mallika Chari
    2 May 2020

    day break
    out for work
    crane’s family

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