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  • 'sunrise... / dark surrenders / to light' by Pat Geyer
    21 May 2023

    dark surrenders
    to light

  • sway, plumbagos, christmas, turtle doves, shopping, waves, bikini, postcard, bells, carols, pendant, midnight, lagoon, lovers, tryst,  star, creche, rosemary, mistletoe, digital art, abstract, color, renku
    1 January 2022

    sway of blue plumbagos…and christmas drawing near /gc
    even as a sky clears through the day…turtle doves/pg
    mall shopping in cut out jeans…he adjusts his face mask/gc
    waves pull back and forth…a bikini strap rips off/pg
    forget me nots…an old postcard in a book/gc
    bells sound…carols through icy ear buds/pg
    lapis lazuli pendant…charm of an old romance/gc
    midnight… the moon shines over a lagoon/pg
    strains of BB King…those days of a lovers tryst/gc
    piercing…a star glistens in points/pg
    creche… i too crave the warmth Mary’s mantle/gc
    rosemary…we kiss under the mistletoe/pg

  • 'today a gray sky: / yet, many a spring flower / blooms blue today' by Pat Geyer
    6 November 2019

    today a gray sky:
    yet, many a spring flower
    blooms blue today

  • 'early / morning... / touching / a frond / night flees' by Pat Geyer
    13 September 2019

    a frond
    night flees

  • 'my garden... / now just a tired / yawn of cold' by Pat Geyer
    26 January 2019

    my garden…
    now just a tired
    yawn of cold