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  • 'shrunken night... / asleep and awake / the same' by Godhooli Dinesh
    31 October 2019

    shrunken night…
    asleep and awake
    the same

  • 'lights in my apartment / bauhinia blossoms / already dropped' by Godhooli Dinesh
    25 September 2019

    lights in my apratment
    bauhinia blossoms
    already dropped

  • 'a dilapadated book / reading at the garden— / sudden rainfall' by Godhooli Dinesh.
    5 February 2019

    a dilapidated book
    reading in the garden—
    sudden rainfall

  • 'after the rain... / dragonflies hover / on sunlight' by Godhooli Dinesh
    12 January 2019

    after the rain
    dragonflies hover
    on sunlight

  • 'humid summer / a sparrow picks apples / the air fragrant' by Godhooli Dinesh
    3 December 2018

    humid summer
    a sparrow picks apples
    the air fragrant

  • 'strong sun / my image disappears / from the mirror' by Godhooli Dinesh
    20 October 2018

    strong sun
    my image disappears
    from the mirror

  • 'torrid evening / under the moon's quilt / bites annoy my ears' by Godhooli Dinesh
    28 July 2018

    torrid evening
    resting under the moon’s quilt
    bites annoy my ears