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  • 'sunrise / makes the day/ here and there too...' by Mallika Chari
    19 January 2022

    makes the day
    here and there too…

  • 'thinking about / what we don't notice / fallen flowers' by Rohini Gupta
    22 December 2021

    thinking about
    what we don’t notice
    fallen flowers

  • 'the hamlet / cradled in the hills... / she calls me' by Subir Ningthouja
    20 December 2021

    the hamlet
    cradled in the hills…
    she calls me

  • 'out of place / shallow graves / on a riverbank' by Anannya Dasgupta
    18 December 2021

    out of place—
    shallow graves
    on a river bank

  • 'outlasting / seasonal blooms— / the constant gardener' by Anannya Dasgupta
    6 December 2021

    sesonal blossoms—
    the constant gardener

  • 'walking / on eggshells / long way from home' by Anannya Dasgupta
    14 November 2021

    on eggshells—
    long way from home

  • 'nearly full— / the moon / feasting on the night' by Anannya Dasgupta
    17 October 2021

    nearly full—
    the moon
    feasting on the night

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