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  • 'memories / on the ground / yellow stars' by Daniel Birnbaum
    28 January 2019

    on the ground
    yellow stars

  • 'firecrackers' petals / on the crowded sidewalk / New Year's arrival' by Minh Pham
    31 December 2018

    firecrackers’ petals
    on the crowded sidewalk
    New Year’s arrival

  • 'spring morning— / in the lake's mirror the old mountains" by Minh-Triet Pham
    30 October 2018

    spring morning—
    in the lake’s mirror the old mountains

  • 'a cobweb / in a dark burrow / a shining eye' by Nicole Pottier
    13 May 2015

    a cobweb
    in the dark burrow
    a shining eye

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