Submission Guidelines

Updated: 1 March 2015


DailyHaiga reads unsolicited haiga submissions on an ongoing basis; we are looking for previously-unpublished haiga of high literary merit in both traditional and experimental modes. Please sure to read our submission requirements and general guidelines before submitting; any submissions that do not adhere to submission guidelines will be returned unread.

Submission requirements (by email only):

Please send submissions to:

  • The subject line of your email should contain the phrase “submission and your last name: e.g. submission smith

  • Please include your name, location (City, Country), a biography of about 75 words and a photo for publication on the contributors page of the DailyHaiga website.

  • Include your haiga submissions as email attachments. Multiple haiga can be attached to the same email.

We prefer all haiga to be submitted as JPG files:

  • Please name files with your last name and a short title that identifies the haiga ;e.g. smith-winter-moon.jpg

  • Haiga must be clearly legible at 600 pixels on their largest dimension. If you create your haiga using a large file, please ensure that your text is still readable when reduced to 600 pixels. Formatting of text can change dramatically when the image is reduced in size.

  • We prefer JPG files of at least 600 pixels on their largest dimension and a resolution of 72 pixels per inch. For those scanning from print media, text must be legible at a size in the range of about 8” wide x 6.5” tall. Variations in shape and orientation are acceptable but should remain generally within this range. All images will be reduced to 600 pixels at their largest dimension for presentation on the site.

  • Normally Haiga should have an small edging or a frame, but exceptions for artistic reasons will be considered.

  • Preferably, the font used for haiku should be legible. However if artistic intent requires the use of a font that cannot be readily deciphered, the full text must be provided separately in the body of your email. In most cases, the poetry will be in English with or without an accompanying translation. If you wish the poem to be also published in a language other than English, please send this in your submission email.

  • Haiga should be “signed” with the name of the artist(s), or artists can be identified in text that accompanies the haiga. Collaborative work should identify all contributors.

General Guidelines:

  1. We require first serial rights and non-exclusive electronic archival rights to accepted work. The image and full haiga must be previously unpublished originals that have not appeared online, digitally or as hard copy, in journals, publicly accessible web pages, online albums, blogs or any other publicly accessible format. Although exceptions may occasionally be made, a strong justification and prior approval of the editor are required.

  2. Submissions to DailyHaiga cannot be simultaneously under consideration elsewhere.

  3. DailyHaiga will accept haiga that incorporate new or previously published poetry, e.g. haiku, haibun, tanka and related forms. However, a citation must be provided for previously published haiku or related forms. The citation will accompany the haiga when it is published.

  4. To be accepted, work must consist of high quality haiku and artwork. Submissions will be peer reviewed for literary and artistic merit. See or on writing strong haiku. Haiga with a poor literary component will not be acceptable.

  5. Acceptance may be conditional on editorial revisions. Not all submissions will be accepted. Work that is not accepted for publication in DailyHaiga will be returned to the artist.

  6. Digital photographs, digital art, scanned photographs or scanned artwork are acceptable as haiga images.

  7. Experimental haiga will also be considered.

  8. Submitted works are embargoed until published or returned by DailyHaiga. Once published by DailyHaiga, copyright reverts to the artist. However, DailyHaiga retains the right to republish haiga that have been published online by DailyHaiga as digital, CD or hard copies, including for example, in a print anthology.

  9. An individual may submit up to 10 haiga every 2 months. The first submission should be accompanied by a brief biography and photograph of the artist. The Editor of DailyHaiga will confirm receipt of submissions and will strive to provide a decision within a month. Decisions are at the sole discretion of the editors. If you have not received a response within a month, please contact the editor.

  10. In submitting to DailyHaiga, you are confirming that you have copyright to your submitted work, that you are granting permission to DailyHaiga to publish your work and that you hold DailyHaiga and its editors harmless for any copyright infringement arising from publication of your submitted work.

  11. With the exception of rights held by DailyHaiga for publication of digital, CD or hard copy anthologies of online haiga, no works may be copied, reproduced or republished without permission of artists and authors. If artists/authors choose to republish work that has appeared in DailyHaiga, they agree to cite DailyHaiga as the first place of publication.

  12. The language of choice for DailyHaiga is English. Any exceptions should serve to increase the artistic merit of the work and or other poetic forms translated to English must be well formulated to convey the original meaning but not necessarily rigorous or literal translations. If copyright is still in effect, submission of translations other than your own must be with permission of the original author or their estate. Whenever possible, please send the original text with your submission.

  13. The relationship between image and haiku can be explicit or implicit, but the use of captions or explicit descriptions should be avoided. Preferably, the haiku should be of a quality to stand alone, but should both convey and acquire additional meaning and/or insight through association with the image. We do not accept haiga that contain racist, sexist, misogynistic, overly violent, homophobic, or any other hateful content; decisions about content are at the sole discretion of the editors.

  14. In most cases, accepted haiga from a given artist will be interspersed with work of other artists unless a compelling reason exists to present them in sequence with each other. Please consult with the Editor if you believe your work should be published as a discrete series. Label your email with the word “query” (no quotes) to dailyhaiga (at) gmail (dot) com.

  15. Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to offer contributors monetary remuneration.

  16. Email and other contact information for artists/authors will not be published or disclosed to others.