Haiga Archive

'Industries and land usage come and go ... pickleweed / the salt march harvest mouse / about his business' by Linda Papanicolaou. Previously published in Nisqually Delta Review.

6 September 2009

Invited Artist


Poem Text or Excerpt:

Industries and land usages come and go, as structures, asphalt and whatever plantings survive the natural climate subside back into the marshes—with or without the millions we spend to restore what we’ve despoiled…
the salt marsh harvest mouse
about his business



Publication Notes:

Haiga first published in the Nisqually Delta Review, 2006

Editorial Notes:

Invited Artist


landscape, industry, wilderness, city, marsh, despoiled, pristine, climate, money, nature preserve, preservation, endangered species, dump, grass, midden heap, airport, time, present, past, pickleweed, digital art, cartoon, black and white, haibun