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  • 'Gold garlands / From hazel trees in winter, / Frosted lace' 'Les guirlandes d’or / Des noisetiers en hiver, / Dentelle givrée'  by Remi Perronne
    26 September 2023

    gold garlands
    from hazel trees in winter
    frosted lace

  • 'seeming sleepy / bundled up in the mist / silence of water' "Comme  Emmitouflée / dans la brume / Silence de l’eau'  by Remi Peronne
    27 August 2023

    Seeming sleepy
    Bundled up in the mist,
    Silence of water
    Comme ensommeillée
    Emmitouflée dans la brume,
    Silence de l’eau