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  • 'autumn rain— / the will-o'-the-wisp / of umbrellas' by Minh-Triet Pham
    21 March 2020

    autumn rain—
    the will-o’-the-wisp
    of umbrellas

  • 'subject to fines is / the cat' by Minh-Triet Pham
    26 February 2020

    subject to fines is
    the cat

  • 'winter drizzle— / aroun the castle the silence / heavier' by Minh Pham
    16 December 2019

    winter drizzle—
    around the castle the silence

  • 'Ascension day– / the great Buddha / evaporating in the air' by Minh Pham
    30 November 2019

    Ascension Day—
    the Great Buddha
    evaporating in the air

  • 'autumn twilight / the swan song / tinged with melancholy' by Minh-Triet Pham
    23 October 2019

    autumn twilight
    the swan song
    tinged with melancholy

  • 'alone / affering a white tea / to my shadow' by Minh-Triet Pham.  Haiku first published in 'Reflet aveugle / Blind reflection / Bóng hình mù quáng', ISBN 978-2-37355-060-3, Unicité, Saint-Chéron, 2016
    24 August 2019

    offering a white tea
    to my shadow

  • 'Mother's day— / takig a selfie / in front of her grave' by Minh Pham
    12 May 2019

    Mother’s Day—
    taking a selfie
    in front of her grave

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