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  • 'scanning the sky / in search of our way... / polar star' by Romano Zeraschi. Art by Stefania&Alberto Pernici
    24 August 2021

    scanning the sky
    in search of our way…
    polar star

  • 'far away / in a more distant planet... / hikikomori" by Romano Zeraschi
    31 May 2021

    in a more distant planet…

  • 'twilight / w. turner's sky... / bow window' by Romano Zeraschi
    21 January 2021

    w. turner’s sky…
    bow window

  • 'secret message / through a secret path... / jakaranda shadows' by Romano Zeraschi. Art by Zlatka Timenova
    1 October 2020

    secret message
    through a secret path…
    jakaranda shadows

  • 'night and day / back and forth... / rocking chair' by Romano Zeraschi
    17 July 2020

    night and day
    back and forth…
    rocking chair

  • 'back and forth / escaping colors— / sunset' by Romano Zeraschi. Art by Ramona Bonvincini
    11 June 2020

    back and forth
    escaping colors—

  • 'endlessly / chasing the dying light... / sunset' by Romano Zeraschi
    26 May 2020

    chasing the dying light…

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