Sherry Grant (New Zealand)

Originally from Taiwan, Sherry Grant is a New Zealand concert pianist and cellist who started writing poetry in June 2020. Until Christmas of 2021 she has written over 3000 poems. In 2020 Sherry invented a new short poetry form called monaku. Sherry is the author of Bat Girl (a poetry collection illustrated by her youngest daughter Zoe Grant) and her short form poetry has appeared in over 50 journals and anthologies. An award-winning rengay poet, Sherry also writes cherita and longer rhymed poems and she is the international/national community outreach officer at the New Zealand Poetry Society. She enjoys organising and performing in music festivals, running rengay gatherings and with her daughters she runs Chalk on the Walk Haiku and Chalk on the Walk Monoku on Facebook. Sherry’s websites are at Sherry Grant.

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