Robert Moyer (USA)

Robert Moyer lives in Winston-Salem, NC, where he was local host for Haiku North America 2007. He has had work published in numerous journals, such as frogpond, Modern Haiku, bottle rockets and Sketchbook. He is a frequent contributor to Haiku News. He has been included in a number of anthologies, most recently the ten-year Acorn anthology. An article about his teaching haiku to elementary school children, Looking for the Moment: Haiku, Theater and Play,” was featured in the March 2009 Haiku Society of America Newsletter. The article arose from a project conducted at the Arts-Based Elementary School. Bob was featured in cycle 7 of Dailyhaiku starting in May 2010. Bob recently won the Poetry Slam conducted by the Poetry Council of NC for the second year in a row and also received honorable mention in the free verse category of the Poetry Council of NC annual contest. He met Guntram Porps playing p├ętanque in Germany.

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