Karla Linn Merrifield (USA)

Karla Linn Merrifield has 13 books to her credit, the newest of which is Psyche’s Scroll, a book-length poem, from The Poetry Box Select in June 2018. Forthcoming in 2019 is her full-length book, Athabaskan Fractal: Poems of the Far North, from Cirque Press. Her Godwit: Poems of Canada (FootHills Publishing) received the Eiseman Award for Poetry. She is assistant editor and poetry book reviewer for The Centrifugal Eye. Visit her blog, Vagabond Poet Redux.

Following in the venerable Japanese tradition, I have created a collection of 93 (to date) haiga based on the nude artworks of American artist John Sloan (1871-1951). In This Magnificent Flirtation, the haiga reflect on the nature of art and the human desire to create, appreciate, collect and curate art.

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